How to Give Plants Extra Protection Against the Elements

You put a lot of thought, time and effort into your home landscape. Ensure all your planning and hard work does not go to waste by defending your plants, shrubs and flowers from the elements. Preparing your landscape for various seasons and weather conditions is an essential key to maintaining a spectacular yard or garden for the long term.
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Choosing Plants That Are Right for Your Climate

The key to creating a beautiful and visually appealing landscape around your home is essential planning and preparation. A vital part of the landscape planning process is choosing the ideal plants, shrubs and flowers that complement each other well and thrive in the particular climate and outdoor environment in which you live.
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Protecting and Extending the life of Christmas Trees and Greenery

You can use Wilt Pruf® to protect and extend the life of Christmas trees and wreathes by reducing moisture loss. Moisture loss is the primary cause of the needle loss and browning that is so common. For wreathes, holly and other seasonal greenery many commercial producers dip the object and let if drip dry over a catch tray. For the homeowner, spraying is just as effective.
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