When a homeowner has a garden, they often neglect it as they do not have the time or skills to care for their plants properly. This is a shame as a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and plants can raise the value of the property and make residents happy. Fortunately, a person who does not have experience in the garden can still nurture their flowers and shrubs with these five simple tips.

Water: Surprisingly enough, some amateur gardeners will water their plants too often and as a result, will kill them or hurt their growth. To avoid watering the plants too often, one should research and understand how much water their plant requires. On the other hand, one must make sure that they water enough as a plant will need it to survive. When a person can water their plants without overdoing it, they will have a beautiful garden and will not have to spend time replacing dead shrubs.

Pests: A gardener will have to spend a lot of time fighting off pests such as spiders, ants, moths and birds. Now, it is impossible to prevent every pest from entering the yard. However, a homeowner can take a proactive approach by cordoning the area off as it will prevent large rodents from gaining access. Not only that, one must look at their plants on occasions and note any problems related to pests. Then, if a gardener detects pest activity, he or she must head to a local outdoor gardening center and get the right spray to combat this serious problem.

Right place: Many do not realize how important it is to put plants in the right place. Sadly, when one does not understand why it is crucial, they will lose plants. When buying a shrub, one must understand where to place it to maximize its growth. For example, some flowers will need sun all day while others should sit in the shade. Either way, when placing the plan in the right area, one can see it flourish.

Fertilizer: Plants will grow naturally without fertilizer; however, when a gardener wants to see their shrubs grow quickly, they should add fertilizer. With this, the plant will have plenty of nutrients and can fight off pests and disease easier. Fortunately, one can buy a bag of fertilizer for a few dollars and can nourish the plant with little work.

Deadhead: When removing dead petals from a flower, one can see it grow back faster. Now, one should not deadhead flowers until the petals are starting to die and wither. Ideally, a homeowner should go to his or her yard and remove the petals once or twice a week. With this step, one will not only bring out the beauty in their garden, but they will also help the plants prosper.

While it is difficult to keep plants looking great, a gardener who follows these steps will have no problem keeping their yard looking beautiful. Fortunately, with a few hours of work a week, one can keep things impress the neighbors.