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Wilt-Pruf is an anti-transpirant product designed to protect plants from moisture loss through their foliage.  Wilt-Pruf works by forming a clear, protective coating on foliage that helps plants to retain moisture.  The coating is flexible and does not interfere with plant growth.  Furthermore, WiltPruf is organic, non-toxic and biodegradeable , making it safe and favorable to use in many applications.  It protects plants are under water stress due to winter kill, windburn, drought and transplant shock.

      • Apply to evergreens inlcuding Rhododendrons and Azaleas in the late fall for winter protection  

      • Apply to foliage of roses for  mildew control & prevention of other fungal diseases

      • Apply to your Christmas tree and greenery to prevent drying out/needle drop

      • Use during periods of drought

      • Apply WiltPruf in the late fall to newly planted evergreens

      • In windy areas apply to protect from drying out

rhodendron protectionrhodendron protection

Untreated / Treated

Much of the damage to trees and shrubs, notably evergreens goes on "behind the scenes".  One of the main dangers is from wind burning.  When moisture is not available(when the ground is frozen for example), leaves and stems continue to transpire, taking moisture from living cells.  What happens is desiccation or drying out, resulting in browning or actual killing of leaves and stems. Winter protection with Wilt Pruf can save the life of your shrub.

The IPM Practitioner found anti-transpirants are effective anti-fungals due to their protective coating of the foliage which appears to prevent susceptibility to infection.  This is mechanical protection rather than active protection as afforded by anti-fungals, the advantage being that of using a natural, organic product.  "The IPM Practitioner" concluded that WiltPruf use resulted in 88% to 96% powdery mildew reduction on hydrangea, crapemyrtle, zinnia, & roses. 1 Success was also achieved with apple scab, gray mold leaf rust, leaf blight and anthracnose.  This same mechanical protection may also be a benefit in preventing to rose black spot and rust.  Anti-transpirants are non-toxic, biodegradeable and inexpensive compared to the cost of fungicides and their mode of action is non-specific, thus there is less likely-hood of a build up of resistance.

1. The IPM Practitioner "Antitranspirants Show Promise As Non-Toxic Fungicides" Volume XIII, Number 8 August 1991