Many homeowners today have found that they can greatly increase the value of their home through the addition of exterior decorations as well as the ones found in the interior of the home. Plants, especially ornamental plants and shrubbery, can nicely dress up a home's exterior, increasing its value and street appeal. Plants also play a role in decreasing a family's carbon footprint.

However, keeping those plants healthy can be a task in itself. Wind, in all seasons, both hot and cold, can strip a plant of vital moisture by stripping fluids away from the plants' leaves. When this happens, plants lose strength and are more likely to become victims of different plant diseases and pests. Healthy plants can quickly become unhealthy when moisture is depleted.

Drought can also be a problem for plants, and lead to disease and even death of plants. Without adequate moisture, plants are also stripped of vital nutrients. When there is inadequate water supplies, plants don't have the water needed to transport nutrients in the soil to their leaves. Adding fertilizer and other nutrients won't do any good if there is inadequate water for a plant.

Wilt-Pruf Plant Protector helps plants stay healthy be creating a barrier that prevents plants' leaves from losing moisture. Increasing the moisture in a plant and its leaves can help prevent the issues caused by lack of moisture. Wilt-Pruf also helps protects outside plants during the winter. Frozen water may be present, but ice is not something your plants can use. Winter, with all its snow and ice, can seem like a freezing drought to outside plants. These plants need protection from ice instead, and Wilt-Pruf provides that protection.

Christmas trees will last much longer, without as many needles dropping, when Wilt-Pruf is added to the tree's water source than a plant or tree will otherwise, without Wilt-Pruf. A small amount is all it takes to be effective. Cut flowers can also benefit from the addition of miniscule amounts of Wilt-Pruf in the vase's water.

Wilt-Pruf comes in many different sizes and can be shipped directly to your door. The one gallon size has free shipping, while the other sizes can be shipped various ways. For home use, to larger agricultural uses, Wilt-Pruf comes in a size to fit your specific needs. Be prepared to protect your plants this coming season from the elements that could possibly damage your plants leaves and roots.