Harsh winds, extended droughts and frigid winter weather are your plants' greatest enemies. While plants are built to adapt to different weather conditions, extreme shock or stress on a plant is likely to kill it quickly. It is critical to your plants' life that you keep them moist, while keeping the water in plant cells from freezing.

When dealing with harsh weather elements, preparation is key. Knowing the weather forecast a few days out is the first step to adequate preparation. In the summertime, the most important factor in protecting your plants is keeping them moist. Use water retaining methods, such as mulch, to keep your plants moist. Additionally, water your plants in the early morning or evening times to help it retain the most water possible.

In the colder months, keeping your plants moist is not enough. You must also keep the water cells in your plants from freezing. Knowing the weather forecast, particularly the chance of frost, is even more critical during this time period. Protect your plants from frost by either bringing them indoors, or covering them with a frost cloth or a sheet. Mulch is also beneficial for cold weather because it helps prevent the roots from freezing.

These precautions work great for traditional influxes in temperature, but when preparing for an extended drought or a very sudden drop in temperature, additional treatment is needed to keep your plants healthy. Use a chemical formula, such as Wilt Pruf, that is designed to retain moisture and protect roots from freezing. These formulas also increase the strength of your plants, which helps them battle off intense winds and storms.

Protecting your plants from severe weather conditions begins long before the weather changes. Make sure to fully surround your plants in mulch, and water them in the early morning or evening times. Pay attention to weather forecasts to be ready for intense heat or extreme cold, and use concentrated formulas to further strengthen and protect your plants when conditions become unusual.