You put a lot of thought, time and effort into your home landscape. Ensure all your planning and hard work does not go to waste by defending your plants, shrubs and flowers from the elements. Preparing your landscape for various seasons and weather conditions is an essential key to maintaining a spectacular yard or garden for the long term.

Extreme weather conditions and shifts in climate are among the biggest challenges to keeping your landscape in the utmost health and tip-top shape throughout the year. Unexpected heavy winds, prolonged droughts and severe winter weather are among the primary causes for the loss of plants, shrubs and flowers. Treating your flora with a top-quality concentrated plant protection formula on a regular basis is an effective way to fortify your yard and protect it from these destabilizing conditions. 

Concentrated plant protection formulas help your plants retain their moisture during the warm winds of the summer and the dry conditions of the winter, while promoting root system development of new plants and transplanted items. These formulas also protect plants during extreme periods of cold when roots often freeze, limiting their natural moisture intake ability. Plant protection formulas are also extremely effective at prolonging the life of cut greens, such as Christmas trees and wreaths.

The simple act of applying plant protection formula to your landscape can extend the life of your yard while saving you countless man hours of work replacing or restoring lost plants and shrubs. Find the ideal type and amount of formula to best fortify and protect your landscape from harsh conditions. There is an effective formula option and refill solution for any environment.