The key to creating a beautiful and visually appealing landscape around your home is essential planning and preparation. A vital part of the landscape planning process is choosing the ideal plants, shrubs and flowers that complement each other well and thrive in the particular climate and outdoor environment in which you live.

First of all, identify your local climate. For example, extremely dry and windy environments require plants, trees and shrubs that retain moisture in order to thrive in harsh conditions, while warmer and more humid climates are better served for more delicate types of flowers and plants. Certain plants die from just an instance or two of frost, while others can sustain freezing conditions for weeks on end. Climate maps are a great resource for gardeners to best identify their landscape environment.

Regardless of your local climate, you can further fortify your landscape and protect your plants from various weather conditions throughout the year by treating your yard and garden with concentrated plant protection formula. High-quality plant protection formula protects your landscape from both extreme hot and cold weather conditions, helping plants to maintain moisture intake and enhancing moisture retention in even the harshest environments. The formula also aids in promoting healthy root development in transplants and newly planted shrubs, plants and trees.

Every plant, shrub and tree has its own particular characteristics that can be affected to varying degrees by climate and weather changes. Ensure you create a landscape with rugged and durable foliage if you live in an area with sweeping weather changes and harsh climate conditions. Regardless of the types of plants you place in your landscape, fortifying your foliage with plant protection formulas improves the health and stability of your yard and garden.